How to Control Your Dream

Once you are to the point of being able to have an occasional lucid dream, or even several per week, it’s time to take control.
One of the most promising aspects of lucid dream is the notion of controlling the dream itself. What are some things you can do within the dream?

In order to help give you some ideas of what you can do once you learn the art of dream control, I came up with a list of a few things you may want to try out. So, here is a partial list of thing you can do (don’t do anything I wouldn’t do 😉 ):

  • Spend some intimate quality time with the celebrity of your choice
  • Study for that upcoming test/quiz
  • Activate that book you just finished Photoreading
  • Explore your spirituality

There are, of course, many many more things you can do once you are able to manipulate the dream itself.

In my lucid dreams, I’ll admit that I rarely ever directly influence the dream. Lately, I’ve found it far more interesting to remain as a passive observer and simply walk around or sometimes fly around, and I explore the dream reality. Just because I DON’T control (for the most part), doesn’t mean that I CAN’T. That’s what I want you to realize here. Dream control is all about CHOICE. Same as in life.

Having said that, here is how to control the dream.

As you are lying in bed, simply visualize the dream you would like to have. Experience it as you would like to experience it. Get as far into the visualization as you can. Hear the sounds, see the sights, smell how it smells. As you are getting into this visualization, clench your hands into fists. Not tightly, but relaxed fists. Use it as an anchor.

Allow your brain to tie the feeling of clenching the hands into fists with he feeling of what your prospective dream feels like.

Next time you are lucid, clench your dream fists and remember the dream you want to have. Much like running a computer program, your dream will now “load up” for you.

And, since you are now altering the content of the dream, you don’t have to stick exactly to the “script” you’ve made in your visualization. You can now make things happen by the power of sheer thought.

Dream on!

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