Light Level During Lucid Dreams

I’ve noticed that in all of my lucid dreams, the dream scenes I find myself in are usually dark.  Dimly light rooms, outside at night. that sort of thing.

My non-lucid “regular” dreams are more brightly lit.  If you’re familiar with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), I think it may be a submodality or reality strategy thing.  I’m not certain  yet.

Another quirk of most (not all) my lucid dreams is that other characters seem to disappear or just become irrelavent.  For example, in my Deep Trance Identification dream, as soon as I became lucid, the other people in the pub seemed to not matter anymore.  Their voices faded into the background. In the majority of my lucid dreams, though, people just disappear completely. Or I’ll find myself in environments where people just aren’t there to begin with.

I’m curious.  What sorts of patterns have YOU noticed across your lucid dreams that differ from your regular dreams?

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