Using Lucid Dreams to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Sex in Lucid Dreams

In this post, I will attempt to answer all the questions that you have ever wanted to know about lucid sex, but were afraid to ask! For starters, let me just say that lucid dreams can serve a very, very wide range of purposes, from the erotic to the practical. In lucid dreams, you can do anything! And that means anything – anything within the infinite power of your subconscious mind, including things like tackling the whole meaning of life problem. Eventually, though, we all want to have sex. Well, okay, let’s think about how we go about doing that.

There are some common rules for lucid dreams that you need to follow in general, and these rules stay true about sex in lucidity just as well. These rules include staying calm, no matter what happens, and the techniques to prolong the dream and keep it vivid. Techniques like Yelling as loud as you can, spinning like a tornado, and using anchoring techniques, as Bill has described. The great thing about all of this is how it can be related back to lucid dream sex. Especially spinning like a tornado, we will have to get creative with that one. 😉 Though staying calm is probably the most important factor during lucid dream sex.

The sex needs to be soothing, relaxing, and yes, calm sex, in order for this to work, or at least work for an extended period of time. Allowing yourself to get too excited will “short circuit” the experience and you’ll find yourself awake in reality, on your bed, sad that you wasted the opportunity.

But you may have already obtained lucidity several times. You are maybe an experienced lucid dreamer who just wants to get more possibilities for lucid sex. In any case, how do we get to the point of sex? What is the best way to “set up” the scene? There are all kinds of ways.

You can spin into a new location, for one. Or you could fly to a new location. You may want a bed, but you may also want all kinds of places. Lucid dreams allow you to have sex right out in public, if you want, so you could fly to somewhere like a shopping mall, downtown district, the top of a skyscraper, the middle of a crowded street, your imagination is the only limit. Jeez, you could even get into a ship and have sex in outer space! I rest my case. Flying and spinning are usually the two things that work best to get you from one place to another in the dream world.

To get things to manifest, including the girls or guys you would like to have sexual encounters with, it works the same as anything else in lucid dreams. Simply make a decision for them to be somewhere at some particular time, when they are not in your present line of sight. This is easier than getting them to just materialize(poof!) out of nowhere right in front of you. So decide that the guy/girl is around a corner, behind you when you turn around, over a hill, behind a door or wall, whatever you’re around at the time.

But a quick question to consider. Lucid dreams do not often last a very long time, unless you are highly experienced. There are individuals who have spent years mastering lucid dreaming and are still having what seems like seven to ten minute sessions of lucidity. For your first time of lucid sex, I suggest having the person you want to have sex with materialize already nude(or in whatever state of dress you prefer, ready for sex), and basically just dive right into it as soon as possible. Similar to the first time you have sex in reality, it is okay if the first time is short or not everything you would like it to be. Sex during lucidity is something you must continually work toward and build your experience with.

There are a lot of sites that are dedicated to lucid dreaming, or selling lucid dream related products that always use the “erotic adventures” as a reason for getting into lucid dreaming. I do not think sex or anything erotic is what you should start with, because erotic experiences, both in reality and in the dream world, can be a bit tricky. If you are new to lucid dreaming, start with small, simple experiences. And get flying down. Flying is essential because flying can basically take you anywhere.

Now, once you do get to the point of successful dream sex, the experience is a delightful one. If you are having sex with acquaintances, people you know but cannot normally have sex with, or even celebrities ? you can then wake up and tell them you’ve had sex with them, and mean it! You just had sex in the dream, that’s all. I warn you, though, this can be a strange thing to do, and I might even suggest that you stay away from having sex with people you know in dreams because of how real the entire experience seems. I have gone up to people and told them I either made out with them or had sex with them in my dreams, the reaction is one that is a bit stand-offish. So, maybe if that IS something you are going to do, go ahead and keep it private. 😛

The experiences are so vivid and real that it will seem after you’ve woken up that whatever happened in the dream actually happened, and rather than a dream it may even feel more like a memory. Similar to what you can to do create a dream guide, you can create any dream character you want by drawing them out on paper or visualizing them in your mind. So girls, design your dream guy either by photograph, drawing, sketch, painting, and leave it to your mind to make it realistic and beautiful. Guys, you can create the perfect girl and then experience what she is like right there in the dream world. Your mind has the power and the ability to do all of this to a degree that is just as good, if not better because of the possibilities, as waking life.

This has been fun. I’d like to thank you for reading and I’d also like to thank Bill for letting me do this guest post. My name is Scott Lee and for more from me you may want to check out my website and blog at

(ed: Thanks to Scott for this awesome and enlightening look at sex in lucid dreams. I asked him to write this, since I wanted to know more, and I’ve never experienced it myself yet. Fortunately for you and I, he graciously agreed. If you have had any awesome lucid sexual encounters, or simply have more tips to offer, leave me a comment. Bill)

18 thoughts on “Using Lucid Dreams to Spice Up Your Sex Life”

  1. Thanks again, Scott for agreeing to share your knowledge of how to get lucky in the lucid state. I’ll definitely be trying out some of what you wrote about here.


  2. No problem, Bill! Glad I can help! Let me know if you ever want me to write on anything else – I know more about lots of things, not just sex! 😉

    -Scott Lee

  3. Great post Scott.

    My first “really lucid” dream carried me to the point right before sex, but then I sort of forgot that DCs should do whatever I want, and things teetered off.

    I was so slow in this lucid experience that I could not think of anything else to do, even though there are thousands of things more interesting in a lucid dream.

    Read about it on my blog.

  4. Zachary, sounds like you have pretty much the same type of results as me with lucid sex. I always seem to wake up at the THOUGHT of it.

    A couple weeks back, I had a dream that I was lucid, and I think it was one of those symbolic dreams that were being offered by my higher self or spirit guides, if you believe in that sort of thing. As soon as I was lucid, however, I tried lucid sex, and rather than just LOSING lucidity, it felt as if it was actually TAKEN from me by whoever was offering up the dream, so I would not miss the point of the dream.

    Makes me wonder if there really might be some higher power or something after all that knows what’s best for us in certain situations.

  5. I’ve had many sexual experience in lucid dreams. In a way that seems immature to me, I often leap to the sexual encounter upon realizing I’m lucid. I wish I’d remember to try something cooler on my list of things to do but I guess those primal urges are just right there in my dreaming mind, waiting to be unleashed at the proper moment…

    The experiences are never long-lasting though, and usually result in a crazed excitement that nearly always ends the dream prematurely, a funny parallel to the real world experience of sex where things ending prematurely due to over-excitement! 🙂

  6. I actually awoke from a nightmare and got online to figure out how to change things and I found this. Wow, thank you so much for the advice. I believe I will start a dream journal.

  7. Absofreakingly hilarious!! No way I could write something like this on my blog. In India, we have explicit sex in our sculptures, in our literature, in our temples, but talk about it or actually admit you like talking abou it. Serious NO NO. I like. Maybe someday I’ll work up enough courage to give Scott’s ideas a try.

  8. I’ve had sex in dreams though. Even though it wasn’t lucid.

    It does feel real, and when you wake up and find it only as a vague memory, you think: “DAMN”.

    (Most of the times)

  9. I actually had a lucid dream lately where the woman I was going to have sex with insisted on kissing and being romantic beforehand for a little while. It was nice, but frustrating because after a few minutes I awoke from the lucid dream. It makes me really wonder about these things as this woman’s strategy seemed to be rather genuine and intentionally aimed at getting me out of lucidity.

  10. I’ve experienced lucid sex plenty of times and the most annoying problem I run into all the time is being able to stay in the moment and not waking up. My longest experience was less than a minute because I got too excited. So I’ve read different posts about staying calm and I can’t wait to try it out, Thanks. To show you how real it is, I actually woke up one time and found my boxers in a sticky situation, lol, I was shocked and excited to see how real it can get.

  11. I’ve experienced a lucid sex dream last night. It started out with me flying over the city, then over nature, and then I landed on a nice beach. Afterwards, I felt like I wanted to have sex. All of a sudden I was on my stomach somewhere (on a bed I think), someone pushed me down, and put his dick inside me. I stayed calm, and it felt so real! I didn’t see who the guy was or anything around me really, but I didn’t care as it felt really good and I thought it was real. I even had anal sex in my dream which I enjoyed! Once again, felt so real! Although I’ve never had anal sex in real life. Hopefully I’ll have some more of these dreams soon.

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