Dream Blog for November 29, 2006

This is the first in a series of ongoing entries that will be mostly lifted out of my dream journal. I think it may be interesting to document my dreams online for several reasons, one of which is to show by example how to do this stuff.

Also, I think it might even lead me to some interesting feedback as you help me to identify dreamsigns and patterns that I may otherwise miss.

So, here goes: (more…)

What is lucid dreaming GOOD for?

What’s the point to all of it? What can lucid dreaming be USED for once a certain level of masters is achieved?

The short answer is “anything”. The long answer is “Whatever you can come up with.” You can do anything you want. In a lucid dream, you are the God of your dreamworld. You are in control, whether or not you’re able to exert conscious control yet. You are still the one making the whole thing up. (more…)

How to Dream Longer: How to Stay in the Dream as Long as You Want!

(Psst… Check out my latest post about “Lucid Dreaming Without Trying“!)

Now that I’ve given you some tips on how to remember your dreams and how to know if you’re dreaming, you’re starting to get a grasp of the basic skills needed for lucid dreaming. In fact, if you were to start to apply those two techniques right now, you are practically guaranteed to have at least one spontaneous lucid dream. Congratulations!

What happens for the (more…)