My first lucid dream

Here is a brief re-telling of my first lucid dream. I want you to see how easy it is to wake up from being too excited.
I am standing in my old bedroom in my mother’s house I lived in until I was 15. I see a rustling in my bed, and look over at it, and my wife pops out form under the covers and invites me into bed. I would normally go 😉 but something doesn’t (more…)

How to know if you’re dreaming

Now that you’ve learned how to remember your dreams more, it’s time to tackle another vital aspect of Lucid Dreaming: How to know if you’re dreaming.

Reality Checking is the conscious act of determining if you are dreaming or awake. There are several methods of reality checks. In reality (pun intended), however, the basic function of reality checking is to notice something out of place or something that doesn’t seem quite right, and use this as proof that you are in a dream. (more…)

How to Remember Your Dreams

Dream Recall is the very first skill to master if you are serious about having Lucid Dreams. It’s believed that the average person has about 5-7 dreams each night. Being able to remember your dreams when you are awake greatly enhances your ability to realize that the dream you are dreaming is a dream. If your dream recall is less than desirable, it is actually possible that you could have had lucid dreams in the past and are not able to remember it!

There are several methods to remembering your dreams more. Here are three: (more…)