Deep Trance Modeling in a Lucid Dream

Deep Trance Modeling

This is probably one of the most exciting posts I’ve put on this blog to date!

When I wrote about doing Deep Trance Modeling in a Lucid Dream, it was just an idea I wanted to try out. Well, I am proud to say that I’ve done it and it works! At least for me…..

So, here’s the good stuff. A couple weeks ago, I had come home from work at 3am. I piddled on my computer for about 2 hours or so, then went to sleep for a nap. I woke up to have lunch and decided to head back (more…)

How I Got Into Lucid Dreaming

Ben over at Dreaming Life tagged me along with Hatter at Dreaming to Infinity, Kris at Reality Shifter, Sophia at Visions of the World, Zen at the Art of Dreaming, David at It’s All In My Head, Jacob at Reflections, Ideas, and Dreams, Neurosoup’s Video Blog , Breeze Debris and Darcy at Spiritual Blog Reviews, asking how we got into Lucid Dreaming.

Here’s my story:

I first heard about Lucid Dreaming one night in 1995. I was standing a roving security watch for the old Chief Petty Officer’s (CPO) barracks while stationed in Groton, CT for Submarine School. I was making a tour of their night club to make sure there were no safety hazards and all that. Lying on one of the tables was a magazine, which I think was Discover or OMNI. There was an article in there about Stephen LaBerge, the unofficial father and resident strong-man of Lucid Dreaming. I don’t remember anything specific about the article, other than it had a small picture of LaBerge looking at one of his DreamLight or NovaDreamer devices. (more…)