I have a confession….

I have not had a lucid dream in nearly 4 years!
Yep, the last lucid dream I had was the dream outlined in the post titled “Deep Trance Modeling in a Lucid Dream“.

I have no idea why.  I’ve been analyzing stuff off and on since then, trying to figure out why.

I’m not sure now, but the closest I can figure is some sort of mental block.

It’s frustrating. and it pisses me off at times.

Anyway, that is why this blog has sat dormant for all this time.  I went through several periods where I thought “How can I continue to write about lucid dreaming when I can’t seem to have any LDs of my own anymore?”

Part of my new plan is to push ahead and keep writing, but now I’m obviously just as interested in what can block LDs as in what/how to have them.

I figure if I go down this path on the blog, then maybe it will help me push through into being able to dream lucidly once again.

If you’re reading this in a feed reader, thank you for sticking around so damn long.

Much Love,