This dream really has me wondering

The other day during my nap, I had a dream.  I’ve been trying to open up my spirituality lately and open myself up to abundance and all that.

In my dream, I am in the lobby of a BIG building, and I mean BIG.  The inside is pristine.  The floor is that brownish weird stuff that is hard like marble, but they use in some Post Offices and older Hotels and stuff.

As soon as I’m in the lobby, I get the impression that I’m very high in the building, on a very high floor, and I have the distinct notion that somewhere in the building is something I’ve either seen or been to before.  Like I’m vaguely familiar with the building itself.

I have the sudden idea that I need to find the 11th floor.  So, I go into the building looking for an elevator that will take me to the 11th floor.  I find an elevator, and go into it, and there is somebody in there, and I notice that the elevator only goes down to the 12th floor, and not wanting to look stupid by just walking back out of the elevator, I push a button (forget which one), and go to that floor, the person in the elevator doesn’t get off, and I push the button for whatever floor I had just been on.

I walk around and find another elevator, and this one goes to the 11th floor, meaning the buttons start at 11 and get higher.  I push the 11th floor button, and the elevator then goes down and the doors open.  I step out and I’m in a room that is very small, compared to the rest of the building.  It is approximately 12′ by 15′ or so.  There is a long table in the corner, the table is like one of those in a school cafeteria, the long ones.  There are two men sitting across from each other talking to each other, very casually.  Their posture is such that it’s like they are on their break or something, slouched in their chairs and elbow on the table, head on their hand.

I look at this room, and remark to myself how small the room is, and I then think that with the REST of the building being so big, there MUST be something else behind the walls, but I do not remember seeing any other doors or anything.  Just the room.

I then decide I need to explore the building and see what else I can find.  The rest of the dream is very nondescript as I just walk around and saw a lot of people in different rooms.

How I Got Into Lucid Dreaming

Ben over at Dreaming Life tagged me along with Hatter at Dreaming to Infinity, Kris at Reality Shifter, Sophia at Visions of the World, Zen at the Art of Dreaming, David at It’s All In My Head, Jacob at Reflections, Ideas, and Dreams, Neurosoup’s Video Blog , Breeze Debris and Darcy at Spiritual Blog Reviews, asking how we got into Lucid Dreaming.

Here’s my story:

I first heard about Lucid Dreaming one night in 1995. I was standing a roving security watch for the old Chief Petty Officer’s (CPO) barracks while stationed in Groton, CT for Submarine School. I was making a tour of their night club to make sure there were no safety hazards and all that. Lying on one of the tables was a magazine, which I think was Discover or OMNI. There was an article in there about Stephen LaBerge, the unofficial father and resident strong-man of Lucid Dreaming. I don’t remember anything specific about the article, other than it had a small picture of LaBerge looking at one of his DreamLight or NovaDreamer devices. Continue reading How I Got Into Lucid Dreaming

Dream Blog for December 22, 2006

Went to sleep this morning at around 7:30 am after getting home from work.

Before I start this entry, let me just preface by saying that I’m a fan of Jewel (the beautiful and very talented singer). You’ll see how this applies to the dream. I forgot to write this down in my journal, because I woke up and was in total awe about the dream itself. Shame on me, and I will recount what I remember.
Here’s the dream:

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