The Future of Lucid Dreaming

Darren Rowse, in his latest group writing project, put out a call for bloggers to offer reviews and predictions for the coming year. My prediction is about Lucid Dreaming.

Having been actively blogging in the Lucid Dreaming niche now since November 25th, I am already seeing something interesting. Continue reading The Future of Lucid Dreaming

Share your Lucid Dream experiences!

I’ve decided that I would like open up my blog a bit to allow other Lucid Dreamers to share Lucid Dream experiences.

I’m a huge fan of Darren Rowse’s Group Writing Projects over at ProBlogger, so I’d like to do something similiar here.

The major reason I’d like to do this is that Lucid Dreaming is recognized by a surprisingly small but growing group of people. I think this could be a really interesting opportunity to help expand the awareness of Lucid Dreaming more into the mainstream.

So, without further ado, submit your entry, according to the following guidelines:

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