How to Remember Your Dreams

Dream Recall is the very first skill to master if you are serious about having Lucid Dreams. It’s believed that the average person has about 5-7 dreams each night. Being able to remember your dreams when you are awake greatly enhances your ability to realize that the dream you are dreaming is a dream. If your dream recall is less than desirable, it is actually possible that you could have had lucid dreams in the past and are not able to remember it!

There are several methods to remembering your dreams more. Here are three: Continue reading How to Remember Your Dreams

Lucid Dreaming – The Basics

Now that I’ve given you an example of what a Lucid Dream (LD) is, you may be thinking, “How can I do this for myself?”

Well, as with any other skill, becoming a master of LD’ing must first start with the basics.

Based on my experiences with LD’ing, I’ve broken the skill down into what I see as the “basic” skills that must be built upon. They are: Continue reading Lucid Dreaming – The Basics

What is Lucid Dreaming?

You are walking down the street. The mid-afternoon sun is directly overhead, barely able to penetrate the high trees lining both sides. As you keep walking, you see someone turn the corner, whistling a tune. The person is coming toward you. You start to get a slight feeling of un-ease, but don’t know why. As the person comes closer, you finally realize it. The person is walking backwards! As you look around more, you notice that everything is happening in reverse. What’s more, you see that the person walking backwards and whistling, is Continue reading What is Lucid Dreaming?