Dream Blog for November 29, 2006

This is the first in a series of ongoing entries that will be mostly lifted out of my dream journal. I think it may be interesting to document my dreams online for several reasons, one of which is to show by example how to do this stuff.

Also, I think it might even lead me to some interesting feedback as you help me to identify dreamsigns and patterns that I may otherwise miss.

So, here goes:

I took a short nap this morning after getting home from work. I was lying in the bed and decided to try and program a lucid dream. I used the technique used by Erin Pavlina in the podcast she recorded at her husband Steve’s website. Basically, this technique is to lie in bed, eyes open, and try to notice when you fall asleep. This is designed to help bring a tiny amount of consciousness into your dream. I had previously started to set the intention used in version 2.0 of Steve Pavlina’s Million Dollar Experiment. As I am lying in bed, I ask myself the question “What is blocking me from manifesting the million dollars?” I kept the question in my mind while using Erin’s method of noticing when I start to fall asleep. The result? I ended up having another LUCID DREAM! What’s really interesting to note, is that I saw written text in the dream, and did a reality check on it, and looked back and it actually changed! As I posted about before, text usually doesn’t change for me. I did another reality checking technique. I looked at my hand. It started getting bigger and bigger as I looked at it. All in all, I forgot about my question as I was in the dream experience now.

That does it for my first “official” Dream Blog entry. More to come as I sleep more:)

Dream on!

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