Experimenting with Lucid Dreaming

There is a lot of potential with experimentation in Lucid Dreaming. I’m coming up with a list of ideas I’d like to add to my “to do” of LD experiments.

The main one that sticks out in my mind is experimenting with Shared Lucid Dreaming. I think that if two or more people could get into a mutual lucid experience, it would open up the floodgates of potential for even more ideas. And it just sounds flat out COOL to me.

I am interested to know what sorts of experiments you’d like to try out when the time comes.

Let me know with a comment.

8 thoughts on “Experimenting with Lucid Dreaming”

  1. Hey Bill, just wanted to tell you that your blogs are really awesome. Anyways, my friend and I have actually been discussing the topic of Lucid Dreams for the past few years. We thought it would be crazy if we could somehow come up with a way to occupy the same dream space, or make contact to the other in some way, so when I read your blogs I was immediately interested.

    We came up with the idea that if both of us were having a lucid dream at the same time, then we should both try and call each other on the phone. Yeah, I know, sounds kinda’ cheesy, but hey, it’s worth a try, right? Personally, I’ve never been able to pull it off, but I think that if more people tried it, it would be neat to see what happened. So yeah, that?s my idea, see if you can work with it.


  2. Scott-from-scratch character generation sounds like a good idea…Don’t you have an article on your blog about that? 😉

    Chris-I remember reading about a protocol for testing out possible shared lucid dreaming that involved one of the subjects simply moving his hand up and down and back and forth in a certain pattern, and the other person was supposed to “track” his movements with his eyes. The gist was that the dream researchers would be able to verify the pattern of movements while the subject was asleep. If the pattern matched what the other dreamer’s movements were, it would be proof of sharing the lucid space.

  3. i’m new to this but fairly adept at ‘entering’ a lucid dream using the don juan technique, which has thus far proved successful to me…..but, the odd thing is whenever i seem to control or will something to happen i lose all visual like i’m closing my eyes in the dream. For instance last night i was in my village in wales when i woke up in the dream, from here i was ‘willing myself to fly round the local area , after waht seemed like 5 minutes i was suddenly floating what felt like maybee 10 metres above the ground visual left me. even though i could sense myself and the surroundings and knew exactly where i was ….i couldn’t see anything and woke frustrated and dissapointed after…..anything like this happen to anyone else?

  4. Hey this is a neat site and I’m glad that found it. It would be neat to link dreams. It seems that it would be impossible to do since the minds of people are separate but if you had 2 lucid states, there feels like there has to be some plane of exsistance that people could interact in, which might also what some people feel in near death experiences, a part of out of body experience in which the person could interact with people and later come to find those same individuals had died 10 years previous.

  5. Morgan-Sounds like you’ve got an interesting playing ground in your dreams to say the least. Does it seem disconcerting when you lose the visuals or do you get used to it?

    Mitch-I agree that linking dreams could be awesome, not to say also useful perhaps in some therapeutic sense. I don’t believe that the minds of people are separate, though. I believe that underneath it all, what we think of as “Mind”, is one big thing of which we’re all a part.

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