My first lucid dream

Here is a brief re-telling of my first lucid dream. I want you to see how easy it is to wake up from being too excited.
I am standing in my old bedroom in my mother’s house I lived in until I was 15. I see a rustling in my bed, and look over at it, and my wife pops out form under the covers and invites me into bed. I would normally go 😉 but something doesn’t seem right, and I say “I’ll be back”. I go into the hallway and walk to the living room. The entire house is dark. It’s nighttime. Once in the living room, I notice something strange on the wall. I think the strange thing on the wall is a deer antler rack, rather than the dreamcatcher my mother has hanging on the wall. Instantly I think to myself “I’m dreaming!”. I go to the front door because I want to explore outside a bit. There is a huge massive padded sort of reclining easy chair sitting there in front of the door. I pick up the chair and throw it across the living room. I open the door, and start to open the screen door, and think to myself “I wonder if I can walk through it?”. I walk through the door, experiencing a feeling like painful electricity from each of the screen door holes as I pass through. I get out into the front yard, and decide to fly. I simply shoot straight upwards into the air, no Superman style takeoffs. After about a full second of shooting up into the night sky, I stop and am hovering over the entire town. I see all the lights from the town and remark to myself how beautiful city lights look from hundreds of feet in the air. I decide to try and manifest stuff in my dream. For whatever reason, I decide to myself, “I’m going to conjure up a beautiful naked woman”. I start to see a weird mist forming in front of me, and it is barely forming into the form of a beautiful naked woman, that I realize it is working and I wake up instantly from the “excitement”.

That is my first dream experience. Notice how I started to get a feeling that something wasn’t right about my wife being in my bedroom from my childhood and early teenage years. It is worth mentioning that my wife and I had not met then, as we were in different states still. It shows that there was a dawning realization that something was amiss. So, perhaps I was more aware of subtle differences in the environment there, as a result of the experience of my wife being in the bed.

I hope this helps you get ready to experience your first lucid dream, no matter what the outcome. Just let it happen as it needs to. You can always get better at it later on.

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August 17th, 2015 10:21 pm

[…] So, one day, I was asleep and had My first lucid dream. […]