My latest lucid dream (just this morning!)

I decided to take a nap this morning, after doing some general “stat-checking” and overall maintenance on this blog, and my other one.

As usual, had no trouble falling asleep. Before I know it, I’m walking around in the inside of some huge office building that is rather sterile looking. windowless, whitewalls. At one point, I see a girl I used to have a WAY MAJOR crush on, in junior school. I’ll call her “A”, since I haven’t seen her in years, and I’m not certain she’d want to have her real name published here.

Anyway, “A” is standing outside one of the many offices, and this one seems to be the only one that has any people in it. She is standing at a desk that is outside the office. I walk up to her, and say “Wow, ‘A’! Is that you? I haven’t seen you in years! How have you been?”

“I’ve been fine,” she says, “How have YOU been Bill?” (it’s at this point that I start to get that feeling that something isn’t quite right, because, thought she was always nice to me, she never returned my feelings, and usually talked to me only in passing).

Then I ask her, “Are you married?”

“Yep, expecting 2 kids in a few months.” (More of the uneasy pre-lucid feeling).

I start to ask her another question, then I wake up. Of course, as soon as I woke up, I was thinking, “NO! I want to get back into that dream and see how she’s doing!”.

So, I closed my eyes, and used a technique similiar to that Erin Pavlina uses to continue dreams.

Since I had just woken up, it was fairly easy. I closed my eyes immediately and remembered all I could about right where the dream ended and remembered how I felt. I fell asleep and, while maintaining my consciousness went directly back into the dream. I was lucid this time, and was right back in the same building, in the same hallway. The desk is there. The funny thing, though? The office is now empty, as if nobody had ever been in there, “A” is not there, the desk, which was previously cluttered with papers, is now barren. Nobody at all to be found. Once again, I am alone in a lucid dream. This seems to be a pattern with me. I start walking through the building, but quickly lose lucidity, because I really lost interest, since “A” isn’t there to talk to anymore.

What is my brain trying to tell me?

5 thoughts on “My latest lucid dream (just this morning!)”

  1. Here’s the first thing i was thinking after reading:

    are you married?

    your brain is trying to tell you to found a family or you’ll end up alone.

    Do you worry about being isolated?

  2. ** white means purity soo if you saw white walls thats fine ** you asked her questions (your probably confused on something **nobody was around ( lonely you will end up seeing somebody but yet there just not good enough for you *** papers cluttered ( you have to much on your head you need to refocus on whats going on in your life

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