A New Kind of Reality Check With Lucid Dreaming

In my most recent lucid dream, I “stumbled” on a new kind of reality check which seemed to work well for me.  I really suck at the whole “look at a watch” or “read a sign”.  That’s mainly because in my dreams, text and numbers don’t chance unless I will them to change.

This “new”  technique basically involves foregoing trying to condition yourself to look for passive clues about the possibility that you’re dreaming.  Instead, the technique involves just trying to control the environment directly.  If it works, I’m dreaming.  If not, at worst I look like a crazy idiot standing there straining myself trying to mentally lift  cars or buildings 🙂  I’ll describe what I mean by way of a dream of mine.

My most recent lucid dream was on January 21.  I’ve been pondering that experience since my last lucid dream prior to that was four and a half years before that.

“I was awake early that morning waiting for someone to come pick me up so we could go to work. We were delivering stuff for Sears Home Delivery at that time.  I had awoken, gotten ready for work, and sat on the couch, waiting for my coworker to get there. I knew I had about 30-45 minutes left to wait based on the time.  So I lied down on the couch waiting. I decided to have a quick nap.  Eyes shut.  Breathing Normal.

Well, I’m still laying on the couch, and I open my eyes and get up, and start walking around.  I walk back into the bedroom.  My wife is laying in bed, asleep.  I have an uneasy feeling this entire time.  I suddenly begin to wonder, while standing in the dark bedroom, if I’m possibly dreaming.  As soon as I have that thought, I start to get excited.  But, my sense of self-control kicks in.  As usual, I can feel that tiny subtle voice in the back of my head automatically keeping me calm.

I suddenly decide that if I am indeed dreaming, I should be able to control the dream environment (since that would mean I have the awareness that is a requirement for lucidity).

I look down and see an unsharpened #2 pencil on the floor.  I hold out my hand, like when Sylar levitated all the pieces of broken glass after Peter turned invisible. I then begin willing the pencil to lift.  After what seemed like a good 2-3 second long eternity of mental strain, the pencil jumps up into my hand. I’m Dreaming!

I then spend the next few minutes walking around.  Just perfecting and playing around with my new found dream-telekinesis.

Then, I eventually find may way back to the living room.

I’m standing in front of the couch, and decide that this is the perfect change to give lucid dream sex another effort.

I look at the empty couch and decide to conjur up a beautiful woman to have sex with.  Since my mental list of women to have sex with in my lucid dreamscape is long and extensive, I decide to trust my subconscious.  Remembering from past experience that I seem to have the best successes with conjuring up dream characters if I don’t try to witness the actual process, I turn so the couch is behind me and I declare “When I turn around, there will be a beautiful naked woman there for me to get frisky with.”

I turn around, and my wife is there, on the couch, stark naked.  Her feet are on the couch and she’s crouched on the couch.  I walk up to her, reach down, grab her and lift her off the couch, and suddenly I’m naked.  We go at it  like we’d never done it before.

At some point, I feel like I could actually reach a climax with her in my dream.  As this happens, a growing realization begins creeping over and and growing…a sense that I am running out of time before my coworker calls to let me know he’ll be coming around the corner.

Just as I am about to finish, the phone rings and I am awake.”

To recap, I tested the idea that I was dreaming by mentally willing the pencil to fly into my hand.  It did.

I realize this dream isn’t a perfect example of that technique, because for whatever reason I already had the growing “hunch” that I might be dreaming.  I’m not aware of anything in that dream which would have tripped my awareness alarm.  I think that, for me, the best bet is to build in anchors like I did for prolonging the dream.  But this time, I’ll build in anchors that will be like little reality checking machines that my subconscious can run (which seems to be what happened in my dream).  I’ll just trust my subconscious to bring that awaerness to me as needed.

If you’re like me and have problems with “normal” reality checking, give this a go and see what comes out of it for you.  Just go throughout your day trying to move shit with your mind. With enough repetitions of doing this, it should eventually spill over into your dream.

I have a confession….

I have not had a lucid dream in nearly 4 years!
Yep, the last lucid dream I had was the dream outlined in the post titled “Deep Trance Modeling in a Lucid Dream“.

I have no idea why.  I’ve been analyzing stuff off and on since then, trying to figure out why.

I’m not sure now, but the closest I can figure is some sort of mental block.

It’s frustrating. and it pisses me off at times.

Anyway, that is why this blog has sat dormant for all this time.  I went through several periods where I thought “How can I continue to write about lucid dreaming when I can’t seem to have any LDs of my own anymore?”

Part of my new plan is to push ahead and keep writing, but now I’m obviously just as interested in what can block LDs as in what/how to have them.

I figure if I go down this path on the blog, then maybe it will help me push through into being able to dream lucidly once again.

If you’re reading this in a feed reader, thank you for sticking around so damn long.

Much Love,


This dream really has me wondering

The other day during my nap, I had a dream.  I’ve been trying to open up my spirituality lately and open myself up to abundance and all that.

In my dream, I am in the lobby of a BIG building, and I mean BIG.  The inside is pristine.  The floor is that brownish weird stuff that is hard like marble, but they use in some Post Offices and older Hotels and stuff.

As soon as I’m in the lobby, I get the impression that I’m very high in the building, on a very high floor, and I have the distinct notion that somewhere in the building is something I’ve either seen or been to before.  Like I’m vaguely familiar with the building itself.

I have the sudden idea that I need to find the 11th floor.  So, I go into the building looking for an elevator that will take me to the 11th floor.  I find an elevator, and go into it, and there is somebody in there, and I notice that the elevator only goes down to the 12th floor, and not wanting to look stupid by just walking back out of the elevator, I push a button (forget which one), and go to that floor, the person in the elevator doesn’t get off, and I push the button for whatever floor I had just been on.

I walk around and find another elevator, and this one goes to the 11th floor, meaning the buttons start at 11 and get higher.  I push the 11th floor button, and the elevator then goes down and the doors open.  I step out and I’m in a room that is very small, compared to the rest of the building.  It is approximately 12′ by 15′ or so.  There is a long table in the corner, the table is like one of those in a school cafeteria, the long ones.  There are two men sitting across from each other talking to each other, very casually.  Their posture is such that it’s like they are on their break or something, slouched in their chairs and elbow on the table, head on their hand.

I look at this room, and remark to myself how small the room is, and I then think that with the REST of the building being so big, there MUST be something else behind the walls, but I do not remember seeing any other doors or anything.  Just the room.

I then decide I need to explore the building and see what else I can find.  The rest of the dream is very nondescript as I just walk around and saw a lot of people in different rooms.