The Future of Lucid Dreaming

Darren Rowse, in his latest group writing project, put out a call for bloggers to offer reviews and predictions for the coming year. My prediction is about Lucid Dreaming.

Having been actively blogging in the Lucid Dreaming niche now since November 25th, I am already seeing something interesting.

Lucid Dreaming, or being aware that you are dreaming WHILE you are dreaming, is a niche which appears to be relatively small at any given point in time, but is in fact much larger than anyone realizes.

Remember that old adage about “the average person only uses about 5% of their brain”? Well, that adage has now been modified by scientists to mean “the average person only uses about 5% of their brain AT ANY GIVEN POINT IN TIME”. I think the “market penetration” of the Lucid Dreaming niche is the same way.
Lucid Dreaming is a niche which appears to be very small, and I think that overall, more people are aware of lucid dreaming than was previously thought, and at any given point in time, only a small portion of these people are actively searching out data on Lucid Dreaming.

So, basically, my prediction is that, through the efforts of people like Erin Pavlina and the folks over at LD4ALL.COM, and hopefully my blog, Lucid Dreaming will explode more into public awareness and become a very valuable tool in many areas such as entertainment and therapy.

26 thoughts on “The Future of Lucid Dreaming”

  1. This title caught my attention because I read about lucid dreaming just a few weeks ago. So long, I haven’t experienced it even once, but I’ve learnt to remember at least one dream every night. I’ve got a Swedish blog where I write about all of my remembered dreams.

  2. Great post and blog. I have experienced and experimented with lucid dreaming for years. I love my flying dreams, they are so freeing. I also love the dreams I have in the morning with my mother who died 2 1/2 years ago. I know that if I wake up I can fall back to sleep and visit with her more.

    I also am part of Darren’s project, read my post at

    I have subscribed to your blog because it is a niche that needs to be filled.

  3. I agree. the population of people who are actively participating, and seeking out lucid dreaming is small. But there are tons of people who know about it. Its just it is rarely a conversation topic. I also want to spread the awareness. I made a short documentary on the subject called “Explorers of the Lucid Dream World”. check it out some time.

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