What is lucid dreaming GOOD for?

What’s the point to all of it? What can lucid dreaming be USED for once a certain level of masters is achieved?

The short answer is “anything”. The long answer is “Whatever you can come up with.” You can do anything you want. In a lucid dream, you are the God of your dreamworld. You are in control, whether or not you’re able to exert conscious control yet. You are still the one making the whole thing up.

Lucid dreams are many things all put together. They can be the ideal practice field for your upcoming game. They can also be an excellent place to explore your spiritual or religious beliefs in depth.

There are also very experienced Lucid Dreamers who also happen to be Master Meditators. Imagine this, they are able to get into a lucid dream state, BEFORE they even start their meditation. Meditation is basically a process of going inward and being in touch with your inner mind. Lucid Dream is the same thing. So, in a lucid dream, you’re ALREADY in a form of deep communion with your inner mind. To meditate from that place gets you even deeper into the meditative state.

One area of research I’d like to get into is the prospect of SHARED Lucid Dreaming. That is, two or more people being able to get into Lucid Dreams together and occupy the same Dream Space. What I see as the promising application of this is the development of a form of mutual non-verbal communication. It’s been long rumored that telapathic communication might be communication with primitive thought-forms rather than complicated linguistic patterns such that spoken language is. So, a person in Moscow and a person in Sydney would be able to communicate just fine in a shared lucid dream, since thought is purely symbolic at the basest levels.

How about you? What would YOU like to do with your budding lucid dreaming skills?

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June 29th, 2007 3:53 pm

lucid dreaming isnt just to control your own dreams it is a state that is achieved which helps u acheive deeper and more important states such as out of body , or greater intent towards life

September 13th, 2007 3:20 am

I initially began exploring creative and lucid dreaming after reading that improving dream recall would also improve conscious memory. Then, I began learning about the 5th dimension and other related skills I could develop. My life has never been the same. There is no such thing as a useless journey.

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