What is Lucid Dreaming?

You are walking down the street. The mid-afternoon sun is directly overhead, barely able to penetrate the high trees lining both sides. As you keep walking, you see someone turn the corner, whistling a tune. The person is coming toward you. You start to get a slight feeling of un-ease, but don’t know why. As the person comes closer, you finally realize it. The person is walking backwards! As you look around more, you notice that everything is happening in reverse. What’s more, you see that the person walking backwards and whistling, is YOU!

Then, you think to yourself, “Hey, this can’t be really happening, right?!?!?”. Then you begin to realize that what you are experiencing is a dream. Nothing in this “world” you’re currently in , is even real. A feeling of exhileration and liberation sweeps over you, and the dream scenery suddenly takes on a very crisp and clear quality. You, like others who have had similiar experiences, feel as if this place actually feels more real than the real world.

This is what lucid dreaming is. It is knowing that you are dreaming, WHILE you are dreaming. It is, in a sense, becoming fully conscious in the dream state.

Has this kind of dream happened to you before? Want to learn to do it more often? Or, are you like the majority of people in the world who have yet to have this kind of experience? Want to learn to do this yourself?

I invite you to read on in this blog, and learn how you can reclaim the 1/3 of your life that you likely spend asleep, and use it for some awesome adventures.

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